Eliot Russman, Fidelco's CEO & Executive DirectorPartners in Hope

Fidelco is in the business of delivering hope. Housed within the simple word are many others: expectation,optimism, anticipation, courage, and happiness.

Because you believe that helping another person is simply the right thing to do, your donations to Fidelco create hope and deliver exceptional life-changing outcomes. Thank you.

For our blind clients partnered with Fidelco German Shepherd Guide Dogs, hope might mean crossing a busy street without fear or connecting with others who face similar challenges. Maybe it’s as simple as rediscovering a favorite fishing spot and being completely immersed in the pure joy of catching a really big fish. 

For over five decades, your support has enabled thousands of volunteers to bring their passions and millions of hours of time to Fidelco. This combination makes the delivery of hope not only possible, but probable. Thank you.

In the words of poet Emily Dickinson, “Hope is the thing with feathers  That perches in the soul,  And sings the tune without the words,  And never stops at all…”

Thank you for your partnership in hope.



Eliot D. Russman
President and CEO