Where the Journey Begins

When asked about the new line of German Shepherd dogs that would become Fidelco’s breed stock, Robbie Kaman said: “There was an unmistakable, intangible character to these dogs from herding lines. Their dedication to the job, and willingness to work with and for their handler were their high points.” These traits that Robbie identified more than 60 years ago provided the foundation for the high-quality dogs that are now synonymous with Fidelco. Robbie described the art and science of breeding as, “a constant process of mixing and matching, finding the right ingredients, accounting for the many intangibles.”

Today, Fidelco continues to build upon this history of successful breeding by collaborating with other leading guide dog organizations, specialists, and geneticists. Working with other guide dog schools enables us to create dogs with the most ideal traits for guide dog work while building collaborative partnerships in our sector.

Did you know?

A breed dog must be…
• Social with people and other dogs
• Confident in all environments
• Easily able to settle
• Able to remain calm when introduced to other dogs, sounds, and sights
• Able to display positive behavior

Fidelco breed moms…
• Live with volunteer canine caregiver families
• Are eligible to become a breed mom at two years old
• Usually have 3-4 litters

Fidelco guide dog puppies…
• Begin preparing for their work as guide dogs at just three days old by learning basic obedience skills in gradual steps
• Are immersed in a full enrichment and socialization program

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