Stock Transfer

Donating stock can be one of the most tax-efficient ways to give.

By donating appreciated stock that you've held for over a year you can save up to 20% in capital gains taxes and deduct the charitable donation on your federal income taxes.

To understand the full tax benefits of giving appreciated stock please consult with your tax  professional.

Stock Market

Your donation makes a difference.

Maximize your impact with a gift of appreciated assets.

The Chapman's, a volunteer puppy raiser family, with Fidelco pup, "Lincoln".
Mia & Hoffman her guide dog
Bill D. & "Lyric"

Digital Form Submission

  • This form tells Fidelco that you have initiated a stock transfer with your broker. Upon submission, you will receive an email with the information provided to pass on to your broker.

    To have eligible securities transferred into the designated Fidelity account, please include the following information:

    Type of Transfer: Gift
    Receiving Firm: National Financial Services, LLC
    DTC: 0226
    Receiving Account Name: Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation
    Receiving Account Number: 628-671863
    Recipient's Registration Type: Corporation account

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