Name A Pup

Name a Fidelco German Shepherd Puppy!

Naming a Fidelco German Shepherd pup is a meaningful way to support Fidelco while celebrating an important milestone, honoring a special person, or teaming up with an organization.

A future dog’s name is the “key word,” conveying affection, guidance and appreciation throughout the life of the dog. It’s said lovingly and often by the families who raise the puppies, by the staff who devote many hours to their training, and just around two years of age, the name becomes the bond between a person who is blind and an incredible German Shepherd guide dog.

With a puppy-naming donation of $5,000, you will receive:

  • A naming certificate and photo of your pup.
  • Regular updates and photos of your pup as they move through training.
  • An opportunity to experience a "blindfold walk", with a trained guide dog and Fidelco trainer.

In naming a puppy, remember the name is also the “key word” and should reflect its importance to you as well as the affection and respect our clients have for these magnificent dogs.

The following are puppy-naming guidelines:*

After placing over 1,600 dogs with our clients, we've learned that the name is very important and should be:

  • Easily said, in one or two syllables. This makes communication simple and direct.
  • Repeatable & not disruptive in social situations (i.e., names like "Fire", or "Kujo" will not be approved).
  • A name which reflects significance to you as well as the respect and meaning it will bring to our clients and their guide dog partners.
    • Fidelco staff will be happy to help with suggestions.

Your donation as an individual or as part of a team allows you to follow a pup’s special journey to changing a life. It is our hope that all Fidelco pups complete the training program, but there is no guarantee. If a pup does not qualify for guide dog work, different career paths are offered. Sometimes the best option for the pup is to become a wonderful pet. We always find them loving, forever homes.

Please direct your questions about your gift to Mark McGrath, Philanthropic Relationship Director at

*All names must be approved by Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation.

Name a Fidelco Pup Application

Available with a $5,000 donation.