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Welcome to Virtual Dog Days! We are so excited to have you join us virtually for the next week.

All the instructions, video links, and Live Zoom session information for this week are included below.

To make Virtual Dog Days interactive, we will be using Flipgrid to share our creative activities, even our Robo-Dog creations with each other. You will be able to post and edit videos with images, drawings, and more. This will let everyone interact and ask questions and make comments to one another.

Join our virtual grid here using the student ID code provided in your registration email.

Fun Fidelco Facts
Silly Stories
Snuffle Mats
Robo-Dog Competition
Matching Tie Dye T-shirt & Dog Bandanas
Balloon Helicopters
Kaman KMAX Video
Date Live Zoom Sessions
July 7th 1:00pmTAO Dog Yoga
July 8th 1:00pmSidewalk Chalk Drawings
July 9th 12:00pmLive with Kaman
July 10th 1:00pmFidelco Fun Fact Trivia


The majority of the activities are for you to do at your own pace as you wish.

Instructional videos of each activity are posted below and on Flipgrid. Once you’ve completed an activity head over to Flipgrid to upload a picture and tell us about your creation!

Below is a suggestion on how to spread out your activities over the week and what we will be talking about on Flipgrid for each of the projects that we make.

July 6th


Join us on Flipgrid and record a short video to introduce yourself.

  • What type of dog is your favorite dog?
  • Do you have any dogs?  If so, tell us about them.
  • What activity are you looking forward to the most this week?

Fidelco Fun Fact Booklet

  • Read through the booklet to learn all about Fidelco.
  • Be sure to keep it handy during trivia time as it will help you answer questions!


July 7th

Silly Stories

Grab your Silly Story booklet and get ready to laugh!

Ask someone to fill in the blanks or have someone ask you to fill in the blanks.  Don’t read the whole story until the blanks are filled in. It makes for a very silly story.

  • Complete your silly story and share a video of you reading it to us on Flipgrid!
  • Comment on two other stories that are shared. Share why you thought their story was funny.

Kaman KMAX Video

Learn more about Kaman’s KMAX helicopter. Click here!

Get ready as well will be speaking with one of their pilots “live” this week!

Zoom- TAO Dog Yoga

July 7th at 1:00pm Click here!

Meeting ID: 824 5802 5181
Password: Fidelco1

July 8th

Matching Tie-Dye T-Shirts & Dog Bandanas

Instructions: click here!

Enjoy getting a little messy by tie-dying a t-shirt and bandana.

There are many ways and patterns to tie-dye and none of them are wrong!

If you don’t have a pup to put the bandana on there are many uses for a matching bandana… scarf, headband, cooling rag if dipped in cool water first or handkerchief.

  • Share your completed tie-dye shirt and bandana on Flipgrid
  • Explain how you made your pattern and what was the best part about tie-dying was.
  • Comment on someone else's video

Sidewalk Chalk Drawings

Instructions: Click here and click here!

Grab your box of chalk and head outside!

  • Share your drawings with us on Flipgrid.
  • Comment on another person's artwork.

Zoom- Sidewalk Chalk Drawings

July 8th at 1:00pm Click here!

Meeting ID: 871 2478 4620
Password: Fidelco1

July 9th

Robo-Dog Competition

This activity is a little different.  We want you to be as creative as you can.

Find different things around your house to make a robot dog!  No need to purchase or make anything specific. Think of things like strainers, boxes, toilet paper rolls, headbands, etc to build a robot dog. Spend time Monday – Wednesday looking around and thinking about what you want to use.

  • Take a video of your Robo-Dog and post it on Flipgrid! (Upload before Thursday at 1pm)
  • Explain how and what you used to build it.
  • Vote for your favorite Robo-Dog creation!

Balloon Helicopters

Enjoy watching your balloon helicopters fly into the sky!

Just attach the propellers onto the centerpiece and place the mouthpiece into the balloon.

Blow up the balloon and attach the two pieces and watch it soar!

Be sure to read your Fun Facts to learn what helicopters and Fidelco have to do with one another.

Zoom- Live with Kaman

July 9th at 12:00pm Click here!

Meeting ID: 848 4912 4913
Password: Fidelco1

July 10th

Snuffle Mats

Instructions click here!

Watch Dakota, a Fidelco Apprentice Trainer, explain how to make the snuffle mat. It’s a great way to entertain your pup while keeping their minds active!  If you don’t have a dog and would like to make a different activity with the fleece, please see below.

Fashion Fleece Scarf

Instructions click here!

This activity is something to do with the fleece if you do not have a dog to make the snuffle mat for.  Take a look at the video to learn how to make this no-sew scarf perfect to add some style to your fall and winter gear!

  • Share your final projects on Flipgrid!
  • If you have a dog, did you let them use it? If so, did they like it?
  • What was the best part about making this project?

Zoom- Fidelco Fun Fact Trivia

July 10th at 1:00pm Click here!

Meeting ID: 832 4043 7704
Password: Fidelco1

Activity Links

Snuffle Mat

Fashion Fleece Scarf

Tie-Dye Shirt & Bandana

Kaman KMAX Video

Sidewalk Chalk Drawing 1

Sidewalk Chalk Drawing 2

Zoom Links

Zoom sessions begin at 1:00pm*. The password for all Zoom sessions is Fidelco1.

Tuesday, July 7th Meeting ID: 824 5802 5181

Wednesday, July 8th Meeting ID: 871 2478 4620

*Thursday, July 9th at 12:00pm Meeting ID: 848 4912 4913

Friday, July 10th Meeting ID: 832 4043 7704