The Gift of Fidelco

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Our guide dogs are, in many ways, gifts to our clients and it's through donations that make their care and training possible.  We are looking for volunteers for our social media donation drive, the 31 Days of Fidelco Fundraiser. 

Volunteers will receive:

  • a 31-Day content calendar
  • access to a variety of Fidelco images & videos
  • Fidelco's quick fact sheet & logo
  • access to Fidelco's social media manager for any questions you have!

Who: You and your personal pup or Fidelco guide dog in-training
What: A social media donation drive with a goal of $250 raised per person
When: Giving Tuesday through December 31st
How: By using your own voice and social feeds to share why you support Fidelco and encourage others to do the same

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