Pupdate: Denise!

Fidelco puppy “Denise”—named in honor of beloved WFSB anchor Denise D’Ascenzo who passed away in 2019—is now Fidelco guide dog Denise!

Denise was placed with client Alan Gunzburg, a Fairfield County, CT resident, in April 2022. She joins Alan’s family which includes his wife, Jennifer, two daughters, and recently retired Fidelco guide dog, “Kili.”

Denise is Alan’s third Fidelco guide dog and according to him, “She is a goofball out of harness, but incredibly focused when working.”

Alan is involved in many organizations as an advocate for people with disabilities. He and Denise frequently participate in meetings and events to raise awareness within the community.

“I’m so fortunate to be a three-time recipient of fabulous guide dog partners,” Alan says. “Even with orientation and mobility training and my trusty cane, I was never a confident independent traveler. After being paired with my first Fidelco guide dog, ‘Fia,’ my confidence in my ability to travel increased. Now with life-changer number three, ‘Denise,’ I can continue thriving independently despite my sight loss.”

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