Pet Dog Adoption

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a Fidelco German Shepherd dog as a pet.

Fidelco’s breeding emphasis is on intelligence, good health and temperament. Fidelco pet dogs make devoted companions. They can adapt to many home environments but will be happiest as part of the family, living indoors with you.

The information you provide about your individual experience and family routine will assist us in placing the Fidelco pet dog you desire as quickly as possible. Fidelco strives to place its pets in the homes and with families best suited for them. The wait for a Fidelco pet dog is difficult to estimate, anywhere between a month and a year, but you will be contacted when a suitable dog becomes available.

Our experienced staff will work towards a perfect match by evaluating the temperament and health of the dog and review the application of the potential owner. Once a match is identified that might be appropriate, the applicant is invited to come in and meet the dog and, if there is mutual agreement that a match exists, the applicant participates in a private placement class, release agreements are signed and the 30-day trial begins towards final adoption.

Adoption requirements

  1.  18 years of age or older
  2.  A completed adoption application and phone consult with a staff member
  3.  Contact name and number of the potential owner’s veterinarian
  4.  If you rent, provide landlord’s name, phone number and a copy of your lease agreement
  5.  Participate in a meet and greet with all family members and pets currently living in the home
  6.  A 45- to 90-minute orientation with staff on adoption day
  7.  A signed 30-day trial agreement, disclosure form and this adoption form
  8.  A valid driver’s license or photo id with your current address
  9.  Adopters agree to inform Fidelco of any change of address.
  10.  Adopters agree to complete a health survey form annually

Benefits of adopting a Fidelco pet dog

  1.  Preliminary vaccinations 0 to 5 months
  2.  Pet care information
  3.  Starter supply of food
  4.  Referrals of qualified trainers

Please, give careful consideration to adopting a Fidelco pet dog. A dog bred for working requires sufficient exercise and mental stimulation.

In addition to time, consider the financial commitment for the duration of your new pet’s life. On average, a Fidelco pet requires additional training and considerations per particular behavioral issues.


Click here for Pet Adoption Application.