Fidelco Puppy Olympics

In September, we held the first-ever Fidelco Puppy Olympics at our headquarters in Bloomfield with our volunteer puppy raisers and the pups they are lovingly raising.

The event included:

  • Simon Says
  • Egg Races
  • Musical Chairs
  • Bobbing for Apples
  • Bowling

It was a wonderful opportunity for our pups-in-training to interact with each other and work on the skills they will need to become incredible guide dog partners.

Meet some of our AMAZING Contestants

Tempo was one of our young spectators

Opening Ceremony

“Jango” carried in the torch.

Jango sitting holding the torch with his puppy raiser, Matt.

The Events

Musical Chairs

Contestants walked around the circle with their pup and when the music stopped, they had to place their pup in a sit or down stay. Then grab a chair! If their pup breaks their stay, they have to leave their chair and correct their pup. Hopefully they make it back in time to a seat! The last team left”sitting” in the chair wins gold!

Winners of Fidelco’s Puppy Olympics in musical chairs, gold- Cedar, silver- Raella, and bronze- Jasper.

Simon Says

Contestants must only follow all the commands that begin with “Simon Says”. There are commands for both their pup and for the handler. The last pair standing wins gold!

The winners of Fidelco’s puppy olympics in Simon Says, gold-Pika, silver- Parrow, and bronze- Stephen.

Egg Race

Contestants are timed and have to walk to the cone with their pup in heel and balance egg on a spoon. At the cone they have to place their pup in a sit or down stay then return to the other side and call their pup back to them. The team with the fastest time wins!

The winners of Fidelco’s puppy olympics in the Egg Race, gold-Raella, silver- Parrow, and bronze- Jango.


Contestants have 2 attempts to knock down pins using any toys or treats to encourage your pup. 1 point is awarded for each pin knocked down. The team with the most points wins gold!

The winners of Fidelco’s puppy olympics in Bowling, gold-Stephen & Raella and bronze- Noah.

Bobbing for Apples

Contestants have 2 minutes to encourage their pups to touch, pick up, and bring their handler an apple. Each touch is 1 point, picking up an apple is 2 points, and 5 points is awarded for bringing an apple to their handler. The teams with the most points win!

The winners of Fidelco’s puppy olympics in Bobbing for Apples, gold-Scout, silver- Raella, and (not pictured) bronze- Navy.

Congratulations to all our medalists!

A very special thank you to all our puppy raisers! Fidelco could not carry on our mission without you, thank you!

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