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They Grow Up So Fast
Barbara D., a Fidelco Puppy Raiser, talks about what brought her to Fidelco Guide Dogs years ago and why she plans to continue for years to come.

A New Partner
Fidelco Guide Dogs client, Melissa K., shares her story of loss, love, and personal strength with the addition of her successor dog, “Bordley.”

Making It Work
Fidelco Guide Dogs Trainer Nate L. talks about the importance of understanding what dogs in training are thinking and feeling to set them up for success.

Adapting Together
Coordinator of Events and Volunteer Services Tricia R. describes her journey from puppy raiser to employee, and how the organization transitioned to remote operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

To Trust the Dog
Phil M., Fidelco Guide Dogs client, looks back on his earliest, game-changing experiences with his Fidelco guide dog, “Chloe.”

Matched for Success
Chris E., a Fidelco Guide Dogs trainer, shares what it’s like to partner clients with their perfect Fidelco guide dog.

Continuity and Resilience
Karen Tripp, Fidelco Guide Dogs CEO, shares her thoughts and feelings on the Fidelco community pulling together in 2020.

With Her, I Am Less Blind
Fidelco Guide Dogs client, Kirsten B., talks about her guide dog, “Eva,” and what it has meant to have Eva in her life.