Fall 2023: A letter from the CEO

We’ve started the new fiscal year at Fidelco as leaner, more effective organization.

During the pandemic, we learned how to keep the mission of Fidelco going, with determination and creativity. We built virtual training classes, worked in shifts to keep our staff, clients, volunteers, and dogs safe. We kept the collaboration going. The result is a streamlined training process that continues to produce the most beautiful, intelligent German Shepherd guide dogs for people who are blind. We also took that resilience to the business side of Fidelco. From the bottom up, we’re updating systems, revising processes and bringing even more efficiency to the organization. It’s hard to do when there are so many darling distractions- dogs- around, but we want you to know that your investment in Fidelco is being carefully and thoughtfully implemented.

We hope you’ll take some time and join us at the Octoberfest Fall Festival and Open House on Saturday, October 21st to experience the world of Fidelco. If you can’t make it in person, video highlights will be available on our website after the event. Come watch the Puppy Olympics, tour our facility, and take a blindfold walk with a fully trained guide dog. Our great friends at Kaman Corporation will be displaying helicopters, including the vintage K-MAX “Otto,” the first Kaman helicopter built. There’s a super car show, plenty of music and food, and best of all, puppies and dogs.

Octoberfest is a fun and family-friendly day, and it’s one of our major fundraising events. Every dollar goes toward the average $65,000 cost of raising each Fidelco German Shepherd guide dog and changing the life of a person who is blind.

Stay well and safe,
Karen C. Tripp
Chief Executive Officer

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