Fall 2022: A Letter from the CEO

Happy Autumn to all. It’s been a good summer with new puppies and many more placements of guide dogs with their life partners. The training staff started the days much earlier to avoid the worst of the heat, and the dogs spent a lot of time playing in children’s wading pools (which is hilarious to watch!).

With this edition, we’re telling the story of “Evrest,” a Fidelco guide dog, raised by the Furey family and now placed with her life partner near Boston. Evrest was born on March 2, 2020, along with seven brothers and sisters. Staff was there 24/7 to ensure she was nurtured and able to thrive. At three
weeks old, she was playing in the Pup House being introduced to lights, sounds, and textures and stairs and hills. Over the next five weeks, Evrest grew to 12 pounds, chasing the other pups, and learning every day. The Furey family took her home at eight weeks. After puppy classes and much love and training, she came back to Fidelco at 16 months to complete her formal training as a guide dog for a person who is blind. And now, she is guiding Lillian, providing safety and independence along with incredible love and companionship.

Fidelco guide dogs are cared for by hundreds of people throughout their lives. Long before they are born, special care is being taken to ensure their health and well-being. During their working lives, Fidelco staff is always available and when they retire, loving homes are always provided if needed.

Like friends, we all remember each Fidelco German Shepherd Dog we’ve met. They’re all individuals, surrounded by people who recognize their unique gifts.

Enjoy the Evrest story and please help us to continue our mission.

Warm regards,
Karen C. Tripp
Chief Executive Officer

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