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2023 Spring Newsletter

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Maggie A.

Listen to Fidelco client Maggie A share about her guide dogs "Gus" and "O'Bella". 

Lillian J.

Listen to Fidelco client & board member, Lillian Johnson talk about history of Guide Dogs and in community training with Fidelco.

Amanda W.

Fidelco Client, Amanda W. shares her partnership with guide dog "Ulli".

Adele & Ed B.

Fidelco Guide Dogs, Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Adele & Ed B. share about being a puppy raiser & the Fidelco puppy raising program. 

Marien H.

Fidelco Guide Dogs Client, Marien H., shares her story about her guide dog "Keela", and how Fidelco has made a difference in her life!

Lori M.

Fidelco Guide Dogs Kennel Manager, Lori McClain-Russak, talks about Fidelco's mission and all of the latest puppy updates!

Connie H.

Fidelco Guide Dog Client, Connie H, shares her story about her guide dog "Xola", and how Fidelco has made a difference in her life!

Tricia R.

Fidelco's Volunteer & Events Coordinator, Tricia R. talks about upcoming events, the need for puppy raisers and volunteers, & more!

Jamie L.

Fidelco Guide Dog Client, Jamie Larson, shares her story, about her guide dog "Haddie", and how Fidelco has made a difference in her life!

Linda W.

Fidelco Guide Dog Client, Linda W, shares her story of her guide dogs and how Fidelco has made a difference in her life.

Keith G.

Fidelco Guide Dog Client, Keith G. shares his experience as a first time guide dog user when he was partnered with "Becca" in 2018.

Tommy M.

Fidelco Director of Guide Dog Training talks about puppies being raised and the valuable skills they learn in home environments and beyond!

Lynn M.

Fidelco Guide Dog Client & Trailblazer Lynn M., talks about how she became partnered with Fidelco and her guide dog, "Grayson."

Robert H.

Fidelco Guide Dog Client and Board Member Robert Heidenberg talks about his personal story and journey with his guide dog, "Zoe."

Marion Y.

Fidelco Ambassador & Volunteer Puppy Raiser Marion Yingling talks about her experiences with Fidelco career change dog, "Tink", and Fidelco puppy, "Griffin".

Bill D.

Fidelco Guide Dog Client Bill D., Superintendent for Newington, CT Parks and Recreation, talks candidly about life with his second guide dog, “Lyric.”

Karen P.

Fidelco Guide Dog Client and Board Member Karen Petrou talks about life and quarantine with her guide dog, “Zuni.”

Kirsten B.

Fidelco Guide Dog Client Kirsten B., an attorney with FEMA, talks about life with her guide dog “Carley.”

Learn how the art was painted for Art of the Dog! 

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