COVID-19 Updates

During the months of pandemic restrictions, the staff at Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation began using art and music as training tools for our future guide dogs. We wanted to give the dogs and people a fun challenge and the results are terrific. Staff taught young dogs to paint with paws and brushes and tails. We set up puppies to roll in paint and shake it off onto canvases and to prance across floor keyboards. These remarkably intelligent and curious dogs demonstrated quick adaptability and determination as they took on the task - invaluable skills they will one day need as guide dog partners.

The paintings are distinctive and charming and will be the centerpiece of an event “Art of the Dog” on September 23, 2021. This will take place at the American Kennel Club’s new Museum of the Dog at 41st and Park in New York City. If you can’t join us live, please join us virtually at Art of the Dog Live.

In addition to innovative ways to train, the incredible Fidelco staff placed 27 dogs and began traveling to safe areas to conduct interviews and check on our Fidelco teams. This continues to be a day-by-day plan, as the pandemic continues. Our campus remains closed to visitors.

There’s a group of 8-week-old puppies leaving soon for their puppy raiser families and close to 40 dogs in the training program. We’re so thankful to all of our volunteers, donors, families and staff who make Fidelco’s continuing mission possible.

Be well and safe,
Karen Tripp, CEO