Covid–19 Update 4-7-21

There’s good news at Fidelco as spring finally arrives. A thriving class of young dogs are training, new puppies are expected and we’ve placed 17 guide dogs since January.  As vaccine distribution accelerates and some states revise travel restrictions, the staff is carefully evaluating when and where placements can be planned. As always, please contact…

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Fidelco guide dog pup "Denise" sitting in front of Fidelco Banner


Denise on WFSB Channel 3. Fidelco guide dog puppy “Denise” is named in honor of WFSB Channel 3 news anchor Denise D’Ascenzo who passed away late last year. Denise is remembered for her service to the community, countless accolades, and genuine kindness. Her legacy lives on in “Denise” – a puppy with promise who will…

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Gypsy close up with head tilt

Welcome A-Gypsy!

In a first-ever collaboration, 8 puppies – 5 girls and 3 boys – were born to “Luna” of Guiding Eyes for the Blind and “Indy” from Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation. This adorable little lady, now named, “A-Gypsy,” will be raised by Fidelco Trainer and Placement Specialist, Becky Cook. This is a significant step in continuing…

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ACVO Eye Exams Canceled for 2021

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