Spring 2020

Photo of Volunteer Linda Gilley and Ocean

Volunteering to make a difference.

Volunteers are critical to the success of nonprofit organizations, and particularly to organizations like ours that rely on volunteers to fulfill our mission. Fidelco is fortunate to have hundreds of…

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Photo of Linda W. and Kora

A Remarkable and Wonderful Journey: A Client Letter to Fidelco.

Dear Fidelco Family, My journey over the last 55 years has been both remarkable and wonderful. It started in 1965 when I received my first guide dog. In 1983, when…

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Map showing Fidelco Guide Dog placements

Covering a lot of ground together.

Since 1960, more than 1,500 Fidelco guide dog teams have journeyed through life together. Our clients often tell us how profoundly their guide dogs have impacted their lives. But the…

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Fidelco black and tan dog head tilt

Home Away from Home

Fidelco’s kennel, affectionately known as “Hotel Fidelco,” is a warm and welcoming place for dogs-intraining. Fidelco puppies, raised in the loving homes of volunteer Puppy Raisers, return to Fidelco twice—…

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Vintage images of Fidelco Guide Dogs

Fidelco: Always Moving Forward.

1960s In the 1960s, the Kamans were breeding German Shepherds in their home kennel, placing them with Puppy Raisers, and then donating them to other guide dog schools for training.…

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Puppy Raising 101

WHO Anyone can apply to become a Volunteer Puppy Raiser. Applicants complete an online application, agree to a background check, attend our “Insights” orientation class, and receive a home visit…

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VetMed Team examining Fidelco dog

Caring is our Calling

The day begins early for Fidelco’s Vet-Med staff, and remains fast-paced throughout, while the three-member team performs medical procedures that keep our dogs healthy. This cohesive, committed team provides the…

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Dame Feeding Pups

Where the Journey Begins

When asked about the new line of German Shepherd dogs that would become Fidelco’s breed stock, Robbie Kaman said: “There was an unmistakable, intangible character to these dogs from herding…

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Brad S and Gizzy with American Flag Backdrop

Brad S.

Lt. Brad S. was blinded while serving as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) officer with a Naval SEAL Team in Afghanistan. After he lost his vision, Brad shares, “I was…

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