Right at home

When Fidelco Volunteer Puppy Raiser Instructor Wendy Davis brought home the D-29 litter of eight 4½-week-old puppies in February, she had no idea of how the world was about to change. As a longtime Fidelco staff member in the Puppy Department and experienced Golden Retriever breeder and show handler, Wendy knows a thing or two…

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Full house

Like so many organizations in the United States and around the world, Fidelco quickly transitioned to remote operations in mid-March as the COVID-19 crisis mounted. Within 48 hours, every one of the 50 dogs in the kennel was welcomed into the home of a staff member, Puppy Raiser, or puppy sitter. Fidelco Trainer/Instructor Nate Lavigueur…

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Not slowing down

“I don’t know what I’d do without him—it’s a perfect match.” That’s how Melissa (“Missy”), a Pennsylvania resident, describes her relationship with “Bordley,” the successor Fidelco guide dog she received in early March 2020. Missy’s beloved first guide dog, “Grady,” had passed away suddenly just a few weeks earlier, and she missed him desperately. But…

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A meaningful decision

He is a jurist on the second most powerful court in the country, a lifelong advocate for civil rights and educational equality, and the proud one-year partner of Fidelco guide dog “Vixen.” The Honorable David S. Tatel sits on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He was appointed to…

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Off to college

In the summer before Marion Yingling’s senior year of high school, a flyer from Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation arrived in her family’s mailbox. After learning more about Fidelco’s mission and observing Puppy Raiser classes at the Wilton campus, Marion knew she wanted to become a Volunteer Puppy Raiser. Marion and her family soon welcomed Fidelco…

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Photo of some staff members in front of a Fidelco tent

A supporting role in changing lives.

On any day of the week at Fidelco, dedicated “behind the scenes” staff members can be found deeply invested in the business of changing lives. The culture of Fidelco is for staff to fully participate in all we do. Walk down the hall at either one of Fidelco’s campuses—in Bloomfield or in Wilton— and pass…

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Photo of Volunteer Linda Gilley and Ocean

Volunteering to make a difference.

Volunteers are critical to the success of nonprofit organizations, and particularly to organizations like ours that rely on volunteers to fulfill our mission. Fidelco is fortunate to have hundreds of volunteers who support nearly every aspect of our work. Whether providing administrative or event support, or raising and socializing future guide dogs, Fidelco simply could…

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Photo of Linda W. and Kora

A remarkable and wonderful journey: Client letter to Fidelco.

Dear Fidelco Family, My journey over the last 55 years has been both remarkable and wonderful. It started in 1965 when I received my first guide dog. In 1983, when I was ready to get my third dog, a friend told me about Fidelco. I knew I wanted another German Shepherd which could not be…

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Map showing Fidelco Guide Dog placements

Covering a lot of ground together.

Since 1960, more than 1,500 Fidelco guide dog teams have journeyed through life together. Our clients often tell us how profoundly their guide dogs have impacted their lives. But the mark they leave on all they encounter is equally powerful. We are privileged to witness their triumphs and challenges. Many of our clients return for…

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Fidelco black and tan dog head tilt

Home away from home.

Fidelco’s kennel, affectionately known as “Hotel Fidelco,” is a warm and welcoming place for dogs-intraining. Fidelco puppies, raised in the loving homes of volunteer Puppy Raisers, return to Fidelco twice— at 6 months and again at 12 months—before coming back for formal training. This gradual kennel transition makes it much easier for our dogs to…

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