Client Stories

A Shared and Special Bond

“This extremely smart, dedicated German Shepherd Dog guides and protects you, while giving unconditional love that strengthens you in other aspects of your life,” says Fidelco client Connie Hornick. Originally from New York and a retired social worker, she now lives in Ohio with her husband, Steve. Connie lost her vision due to congenital glaucoma.…

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One Man’s Journey to Independence

Robert Heidenberg, president and CEO of Heidenberg Properties Group and member of Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation’s Board of Directors, is partner to “Zoe,” his first Fidelco guide dog. Retinitis pigmentosa, a hereditary retinal disease, gradually caused his vision to diminish over time. Founded in 2013, his company develops, owns, and manages shopping centers, malls, and…

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Brad S and Gizzy with American Flag Backdrop

Brad S.

Lt. Brad S. was blinded while serving as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) officer with a Naval SEAL Team in Afghanistan. After he lost his vision, Brad shares, “I was hungry for the opportunity to prove this idea that I’m not a victim. I wanted to show I’m not suffering, I’m adapting. I’m struggling a…

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Karen P. and her guide dog

Karen P.

Karen P. is a powerhouse in the power center of America. She is co-founder and managing partner of Federal Financial Analytics, a Washington, D.C. consulting firm specializing in domestic and international financial services regulation. It’s not unusual to see Karen moving swiftly through the halls of Congress or attending meetings at the White House. She is…

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Lina and guide dog Quest

Lina C.

When Lina C. was just a baby, her parents traveled from Colombia to the United States seeking treatment for the retinoblastoma that had spread to both of her eyes. Doctors saved her life, but Lina’s resulting blindness kept the family in the United States where they knew their daughter would have access to resources that…

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Michael M.

SrA Michael M., USAF, and his Fidelco guide dog, “Xxon,” have an extraordinary story containing all the elements of an unforgettable movie: patriotism, war, drama, heroism, sadness, inspiration, love and triumph. But this is no movie script for Michael, it is very real. It is his life story. On January 3, 2010, in the remote…

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Winnifred Judge

Winnifred J.

When Winnifred J., 94, first noticed a Fidelco guide dog team working together in downtown Branford, CT, nearly 50 years ago, she never believed she would be holding that harness. Winnifred remembers, “I was convinced you had to be completely blind, with absolutely no vision, to get a guide dog. So when I applied, I…

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