Caring is our Calling

The day begins early for Fidelco’s Vet-Med staff, and remains fast-paced throughout, while the three-member team performs medical procedures that keep our dogs healthy. This cohesive, committed team provides the highest quality of patient care every day.

A member of Fidelco’s development department had the opportunity to “shadow” the team during a typical day. The observer met with the team one recent morning in Fidelco’s state-of-the-art surgical suite to discuss the day’s activities, and briefly run through the appointment schedule.

The team’s first stop was the Pup House where a litter of five adorable seven-week-old pups were examined before they enjoyed some well-deserved play time in the socialization room where they played with a variety of toys, wrestled with each other, and briefly napped.

The Vet-Med team returned to the surgical suite to prepare for the day’s surgeries. The observer was astounded by the level of organization and efficiency the team displayed as they prepared for each surgery—readying sterile surgical packs, providing injections prior to surgery, and monitoring all vital signs at five-minute intervals.

In addition to performing surgeries, the team also examined Fidelco dogs at varying stages of development. Young pups in Fidelco’s Pup House were among the group, as were older dogs that had completed their formal training and were ready for placement.

The most exciting part of the day was when an ultrasound of a breed dog mom was performed to determine if she was pregnant. The breed dog’s volunteer caregivers were present in the surgical suite, visibly excited to learn if they would catch a glimpse of developing pups in utero. The caregivers and staff weren’t disappointed, as our head veterinarian pointed out each pup visible on the ultrasound screen. While ultrasound identification of pups is a common practice for the Vet-Med team, the observer noted that based on their level of excitement, it was as though this was the first time the team had ever viewed this phenomenon!

While the Vet-Med team’s work is often behind the scenes, their role is essential to Fidelco’s mission. Their workday is long, and can be tedious and demanding, but this group of dedicated professionals brings energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity to their job each day.

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