2022 Calendar Photo Contest Profile

Tells us about your dog(s)! Share anything that makes your dog unique. Have fun with it!

Check out these profiles for ideas!

Timber is retired but excelling at what he calls his new career- being a professional nap taker. He seems to always wake up when the bone jar is opened or you grab your car keys. He also has no idea of his size, he thinks he's small....until he steps on your foot- he's over 100lbs. Luckily, he's a loveable and sweet boy that just likes to nap, go for car rides, eat peanut butter Kongs, and sometimes when he has the energy chase some butterflies. This is a great retired life.

Name: Kona Kai
Nicknames: Baby Shark, Nut-Nut, Chipmunk Hunter
Weight: 57lbs
Color: Sable
Driven by: Food, Toys, & Praise
Hobbies: Dock diving, swimming, lure coursing, roughhousing, and opening the freezer for snacks.
Personality: Sweet, intelligent, protective, and loving.
Fact: she always plays with two toys and tries to herd one toy with the other.
Favorite toys: Tennis Ball, Jolly ball, Bumper, Chuck the Duck, Berry, and bubbles!
Favorite trick: Bacon! She pulls out the island chair and jumps up on it and waits for bacon.
Least favorite activity: waiting to eat her meals