Update - September 1, 2020

Another tragedy reinforces the crucial need to actively participate in eliminating systemic racism. At Fidelco, our new Diversity and Inclusion Committee is evaluating how we can apply the core values of Fidelco; dignity, respect, independence and mobility beyond our organization.

The committee is a diverse group with differing life experiences. Our common passion for the mission has brought us together. Now, we’re learning more about each other, what has shaped our viewpoints and our abilities.

As an organization, we have an inherent capability to understand and appreciate people by way of training our guide dogs to serve our clients who are blind, but we recognize we can – and must – do better in promoting diversity and inclusion in all facets of our organization – internally and externally.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be defining how we can contribute this strength to eliminating systemic racism.

Check back for periodic updates.

Update - July 28, 2020

We formed the Fidelco Diversity and Inclusion Council with five employees. This group will evaluate our environment and help to ensure we are laser focused on contributing to the eradication of systemic racism by contributing our deep understanding of dignity, independence, mobility and safety for people.

Diversity has been proven time and again to be the foundation of highly performing organizations. From the World Economic Forum article, “The Business Case for Diversity in the Workplace is Now Overwhelming”: The value of a diverse workplace has been thoroughly analyzed and proven. “There is substantial research to show that diversity brings many advantages to an organization: increased profitability and creativity, stronger governance and better problem-solving abilities. Employees with diverse backgrounds bring to bear their own perspectives, ideas and experiences, helping to create organizations that are resilient and effective, and which outperform organizations that do not invest in diversity.“

At Fidelco, we have a passion for improving the lives of people who are blind. We believe we can build on this foundation to contribute to more diversity and inclusion.