Message from Fidelco Staff

As we anticipate the 60th anniversary of Fidelco Guide Dogs, we can’t help but reflect on the tireless dedication of all who have helped us along the way. Loyal donors, remarkable clients, and dedicated staff, volunteers and ambassadors from every walk of life have given unquantifiable amounts of time, energy and resources to fulfill one life-changing mission.

The unique and individual stories of our clients’ partnerships with their Fidelco German Shepherd guide dogs could fill thousands of pages. That’s only possible because of people like you who are committed to changing lives. We can merely speculate the “numbers”; the safe crossings, human connections, indelible bonds, and dreams achieved with Fidelco guide dogs leading the way.

It’s humbling to know how many lives have been touched, and how many rely on us now and in the future to ensure their safety and independence. We think our founders, Robbie and Charlie Kaman, would be proud of the longevity and power of their legacy. With your support, we will continue meeting the needs of those we proudly serve for the next 60 years and beyond. Thank you.

Warm regards,

The Fidelco Guide Dogs Staff