A Remarkable and Wonderful Journey: A Client Letter to Fidelco.

Dear Fidelco Family,

My journey over the last 55 years has been both remarkable and wonderful. It started in 1965 when I received my first guide dog. In 1983, when I was ready to get my third dog, a friend told me about Fidelco. I knew I wanted another German Shepherd which could not be guaranteed to me by the school I had gone to in the past. I am forever grateful to my friend; her recommendation changed my life. I was very excited when I learned I was accepted to Fidelco in 1984, and received my first Fidelco guide dog, “Indy.” Thirty-six years later, I continue to be proud and grateful I am still a client. In 1993 when I was ready for another guide dog, a Fidelco trainer brought two beautiful German Shepherds—a sister and brother pair, named “Aries” and “Apollo.” One was for me, and the other for my son, Keith. We were the first mother and son to receive dogs from Fidelco, and Keith was the youngest at age 17 to receive a dog from the organization. Aries and Apollo had very eventful lives with our family; they traveled to Disney World 12 times, and Apollo was right by Keith’s side when he earned two advanced degrees. We were blessed to have them until mid-2006, when they were almost 15 years old. They were hard workers and very devoted to us.

In 2006, I received my third and current dog, “Kora.” What a remarkable companion and guide she is! We have been all over the country: California, New York, ten more Disney World trips, and, of course, to many walkathons. She loves to travel and is always by my side and ready to go. At 15½, she is amazing, and I can’t imagine my life without her.

These wonderful dogs have given me independence and the freedom to go and do whatever I want with ease and total trust in them. I want to thank everyone at Fidelco for making my life so complete. I would like to thank Robbie and Charlie Kaman who made it possible for so many people to find their independence and to live productive lives. Your legacy lives on, especially in Fidelco’s wonderful trainers. You will never be forgotten.

Thank you, too, to all the devoted puppy raiser families who give so much love and care to the puppies to get them off to a good start. To the staff, thank you for all you do every day to make Fidelco what it is and always will be —one of the best. Robbie and Charlie would be very proud.

With gratitude,

Linda W. and Kora

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