Spring 2023: A Letter from the CEO

Fidelco’s story, with dogs from all stages of life, was on display in mid-April as Suburban Subaru in Manchester, CT, honored us with their “Share the Love” contribution. There were little puppies falling asleep, a beautiful young dog nurtured by his puppy raiser family and now ready for guide dog
training, and a fully trained guide dog doing his best to ignore the antics of the younger dogs.

Naturally they all stole the show.

We were there to thank the amazing people of Suburban Subaru for their generosity and their deep belief in Fidelco’s mission. They have supported us for ten years! In addition to financial support, staff members raise puppies, and they provide vehicles and maintenance to transport our people and dogs safely. We are so grateful for them and for all the volunteers, donors and staff who make it possible to raise Fidelco German Shepherd guide dogs and place them with people who are blind.

Going into an early summer this year, the dogs are shedding their fur at lightning speed. We could make a couple of new dogs out of it every day. Soon the wading pools will be back on the training grounds, the vehicle cooling fans and a/c units will be operating, and staff will begin the training days earlier to avoid the worst of the heat.

My darling career-change Fidelco dog, Henry, doesn’t seem fazed by any temperatures. If the ground is frozen, he’s rubbing his face in it and rolling around. If it’s warm outside, he’s under a tree, surveying the scene and likely hoping a rabbit or deer will appear.

Fidelco guide dogs are working with their life partners throughout the United States and Canada in all weather, in urban and rural environments, on trains and planes, and in offices and homes.

Your generosity makes this possible. We continue to recover from pandemic-related funding decreases and are so grateful for your support.

Stay well and safe,
Karen C. Tripp
Chief Executive Officer

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