A Day in the Life of Fidelco Clients

Yehia waves at the camera holding the leash of Vader

Yehia D. and “Vader”

Vader joins Yehia on three-mile walks around the lake in his community and downtown for shopping and errands. While Yehia is working with tools in his garage, Vader is there by his side. Vader is an established member of their active household with Yehia and his of their active household with Yehia and his wife, their two college-aged children, Yehia’s their two college-aged children, Yehia’s parents, and two cats.

Sean stands in front of a water feature holding the lead of Xavier

Sean M. and “Xavier”

With Xavier, Sean is fulfilling his love of travel with recent trips to San Diego, Las Vegas, and Park City. Closer to home, you can catch the team on their daily walks to the gym, where Xavier is the mascot – or enjoying time with Sean’s wife, Susan, and their grandchildren.

Kody sits smiling legs crossed on the grass with corey looking back at her

Kody K. and “Corey”

Kody is an award-winning author of young adult books and New York City resident who is currently matched with guide dog Corey. Kody and Corey cross busy streets and navigate through throngs of pedestrian traffic. They ride the bus and take the subway and travel the world with Corey always safely leading the way.

Holly smiles in sunglasses in a hat sitting with Teagan in harness looking up at camera

Holly B. and “Teagan”

Holly lives in New York City with her family, comprised of her husband and two young daughters. She is an interfaith minister and professor of disability studies and civic engagement. Teagan helps Holly to navigate her busy schedule and maintain her independence as a busy mom and advocate for people with disabilities.

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