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"Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I can't do everything I want to do."

-Jamie L. Fidelco Guide Dog's client

Fidelco Guide Dog in harness up close with handler holding the handle

Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I can’t do everything I want to do.”

-Fidelco Guide Dog's client,
Jamie L.

Our Mission

Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation partners exceptional people who are blind with expertly bred and trained German Shepherd guide dogs, providing all clients with increased independence to improve their lives and the world around them.  

Fidelco News

Teamwork: Marién Hornyak and “Keela”

Marién Hornyak warmly greets customers at her business, The Kitchenette. The Kitchenette is a vibrant shop located among the galleries, restaurants, and stores of downtown Frederick, Maryland. The cheerful storefront has a sign above the door in the shape of a cutting board, and inside, it offers a wide selection of cookware and bakeware, unique gadgets, and kitchen accessories. Marién opened her business in…

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Client Stories: Snapshots

Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation celebrates the diversity of our clients from across North America. Despite varied life experiences, careers, and interests, all lead active and fulfilling lives with their guide dog partners. Meet Esther, Paul, and Laura. Esther Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Esther Berman, who is totally blind, emigrated to Canada with her family when she was six years old. She lives in downtown…

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A Volunteer Story: Adele and Ed Banas

Volunteer Puppy Raisers play a vital role in the development of Fidelco guide dogs. Puppy Raisers welcome 8-week-old puppies into their homes and spend over a year providing loving care, early training, and socialization. Puppy Raiser families expose the pups to diverse experiences and surroundings, so that when the pups are 16 to 18 months old, they are ready for formal training on their…

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