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Fidelco's mission continues while we follow protocols to keep both humans and dogs safe. New puppies are being born and raised. Dogs-in-training are learning valuable skills in home environments. Together, we will meet the needs of our remarkable clients for years to come.

Black Lives Matter

“Black lives matter’ doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter. Black lives matter speaks to racism and the disproportionate risk that Black people face in our law enforcement and justice system, financial, educational, housing and medical systems.” – attributed to several speakers.


Fidelco employees have a passion for improving the lives of people who are blind. Our clients speak of increased dignity, independence, mobility and safety. These values are part of what we are contributing to Black Lives Matter and to helping to eradicate systemic racism.

For the first time, we observed Juneteenth this year, providing a day for reflection and learning for our staff. This month we will launch our Diversity and Inclusion Council, comprised of employee volunteers. We will gather input from all employees, clients and donors to aggressively identify opportunities to better serve members of the of the Black community who are blind, and keep our focus on Black Lives Matter.

Furthermore, we will be conducting a review of all vendors, partners and organizations with whom we conduct business to validate that everyone we work with actively supports Black Lives Matter.

Fidelco is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and we will continue to emphasize our focus on diversity and inclusion in all aspects of hiring and employment. 

Black Lives Matter.

COVID-19 Updates

Click here to view the latest precautionary updates from Fidelco Guide Dogs during the COVID-19 situation.

It takes $45,000 to train a guide dog, but our clients receive them at no cost.

This can only be done with the support of people like you.

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You can help ensure freedom and independence for individuals who are visually disabled by making an on-line donation today.


Puppy Raisers take our pups at 8 weeks of age, love and care for them, then return them to us for formal guide dog training at 15 months old.

Apply for a Guide Dog

Partnering with a guide dog is a big decision, and it's one that can be truly life-changing. Learn more about applying today!

Fidelco guide dog puppy "Denise"

Twelve-week-old Fidelco guide dog puppy “Denise” is named in honor of WFSB Channel 3 news anchor Denise D’Ascenzo who passed away late last year.

Being a Puppy Raiser is so rewarding!

"Since I became a volunteer puppy raiser it has changed my life.  It has taught me about responsibility, unconditional love, and at the same time I am working towards helping to make a difference in someone's life.  And for me that is the most important."

All funds go directly to helping us continue our life-changing work!